Who are we looking for?

You are a motivated and talented Dutch-speaking student with a passion for sustainability and an entrepreneurial drive. You are not afraid to ask questions, take the initiative or venture outside your comfort zone. To succeed you have to be analytically strong and capable of quickly absorbing knowledge and adapt to new circumstances. Just like the rest of our team you are curious, open-minded and have a positive attitude.

What will you do?

You will be working closely together with your GoodFuels Road & Rail colleagues to achieve our mission: Making the transport sector more sustainable by developing, supplying and promoting truly sustainable biofuels. Your primary focus area will be based on your skills and interests, but primarily focused on downstream activities (sales and marketing).


We are currently looking for two specific skills:

Commercial development:

Requires good sales, marketing, project development and project management skills. You will be working on branding, developing new sales propositions, campaigns, product introduction and projects for GoodFuels and our Road & Rail clients.

International development:

Requires a very broad skillset and international focus. You will be exploring and analyzing foreign markets, identifying the most attractive and working on setting up our foreign business units. Focus will be on European markets (such as BE and UK).

What will you learn?

You will experience first-hand what it takes to work in a fast-growing company that is continuously exploring new markets and fine-tuning its strategy in order to maximize its impact. You will gain extensive knowledge on the bio-economy, developing client-propositions and will be able to apply your academic skills in an applied setting.


If the above has caught your attention, please feel free to contact us at careers@goodfuels.com or +31 (0)85-8000238.