Sinds GoodFuels is opgericht, heeft het bedrijf een one-stop-shop gecreëerd voor industriële klanten, door de gehele supply chain voor duurzame biobrandstoffen te integreren. Van grondstof tot tank: GoodFuels’ propositie strekt zich van de inkoop van grondstoffen, het waarborgen van de duurzaamheid, het mengen van het eindproduct, de wereldwijde distributie, kwaliteitszorg en marketing. GoodFuels is actief in twee verschillende markten: zee- en landtransport. Beide industrieën bevinden zich in een transitie naar duurzaam transport, maar met verschillende criteria voor de kwaliteit van de brandstof.
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Als koploper in duurzame brandstoffen, speelt GoodFuels een actieve rol in de technologieontwikkeling en commercialisering van nieuwe duurzame brandstoffen.

Onze innovatie afdeling versnelt het toekomstige aanbod van duurzame brandstoffen, door nauw samen te werken met de industrie en onze onderzoekpartners. We zijn een kenniscentrum dat de link legt tussen de transport industrie en de technologieontwikkelaars, waardoor innovatie sneller hun weg naar de eindmarkt vinden.

Duurzaamheid is van essentieel belang voor GoodFuels. Daarom hebben we onze eigen onafhankelijke Sustainability Board opgericht, bestaande uit vooraanstaande NGO's en academici welke toezicht houden op de duurzaamheid van de producten die wij leveren.

Our team

Unity by diversity – powered by the GoodFuels Values

At GoodFuels we strongly believe that a strong team is a diverse team.  A team consisting out of attackers, midfielders and defenders. A team that is intelligent- but that is also able to “just do it” and can out-execute the competition. A team that continuously learns by doing. Where mistakes can be made, as long as you learn from it. A team that combines the millennial energy of the young with grey hair balance and experience. A team consisting out of man and women and as much nationalities, languages, religions, sexual orientations and political beliefs as possible. A team that is united by our values. These are the believes we try to live by day by day- and the ideals we continuously search for in our company, business relationships and new recruits:

  • We are passionate about achieving a low carbon world
  • We are agile, & responsive, we go the extra mile
  • We play fair, truly sustainable and straight
  • We can only do it together
  • We develop long term relations
  • We make our work fun & inspiring
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Dirk Kronemeijer

Dirk is a seasoned renewable energy entrepreneur- featuring in the prestigious “Biofuel Digest Global top 100” for many years in a row having fouded both the  global market maker in sustainable jet fuel (SkyNRG) as marine fuel (GoodFuels).

Before his time at GoodFuels and SkyNRG , Dirk  worked for 12 years in the airline industry in London and Amsterdam for both low cost as flag carriers, his last position being Vice President Business Innovation at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

Dirk Kronemeijer (1974) achieved his MSc in Business Economics from the University of Groningen and completed executive programs at the IMD in Lausanne and INSEAD in Singapore and Fontainebleau.


Daniel Legro

Daniel started his career in investment banking in 1998, working in the M&A transaction team of Merrill Lynch & Co. in London and San Francisco. Following this period Daniel co-founded Chestnut in 2002 continuing his career in the execution of M&A transactions, financings and restructurings with a focus on mid-market firms. From 2003 to 2008 Daniel was appointed by NPM Capital to manage a divestment process of approx. 65 portfolio and fund investments throughout Western Europe in an effort to downsize and streamline NPM’s overall portfolio.

Daniel (1973) received his MSc degree in Business Economics and Finance from the University of Groningen and participated in the Executive MBA Program at the Wharton School of Finance.

COO Trade

Guido Levie

Guido started his career as an IP lawyer at De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek. Over the last eleven years Guido has built extensive sales and trading experience in the financial and environmental commodity markets in New York, London and Amsterdam, holding various senior positions at Rabobank, Citigroup and STX Services. Guido serves as a mentor for start-ups at Rockstart and holds a Master of Laws from the Univeristy of Amsterdam.

Road & Rail Managing Director

Jeroen van Heiningen

Jeroen is leading our Road & Rail division. He has worked at Accenture Strategy Consulting for 13 years, where he founded and led Accenture’s Sustainability Services practice in the Netherlands. In 2007, he was involved in developing KLM’s Climate action plan, which led to the development of a biofuels strategy and the launch of SkyNRG, the global market leader in sustainable jet fuel. After his departure at Accenture, he launched two innovative start-up company before joining GoodFuels.

Jeroen van Heiningen (1973) achieved is MSc in Business Economics at Tilburg University.

General Counsel

Arthur van der Wees

Arthur van der Wees is senior lawyer, enterpreneur, strategist and investor and frequent speaker worldwide, who has more than 18 years of indepth experience and is well-connected in the world of technology, sustainability, standardisation, global business & corporate financing. For instance he is member of several industry and working groups of the European Commission, is co-contributor to ISO norms, advices governmental bodies and works with many universities around the globe on cutting edge technologies and related challenges and opportunities.

Head of Innovation

Sjors Geraedts

Sjors is head of the business development and technology team. He focusses on maximising the value of current and novel technologies for biofuel production and opportunities for supply chain development for the marine and road & rail sectors. Before joining GoodFuels, he worked as a researcher for the Copernicus institute of Sustainable Development at Utrecht University. He holds an MSc in Energy Science (Cum Laude) from Utrecht University.

Commercial Director Road & Rail

Doryan Daamen

Doryan Daamen, based in Amsterdam, focuses on the Marine and Road & Rail devision.
Prior to joining GoodFuels, Doryan worked in various business development- and commercial management roles for Wolters Kluwer, Educatie Van Dijk and Heineken.
Doryan (1984) earned a MA in Law from the University of Leiden and he completed executive programs at Nyenrode Business University.

Head of Marine & International

Astrid Sonneveld

Astrid heads up the Marine and International business unit – next to providing her analytical eye to various other parts of the company. She draws on experience gained through projects in the field of logistics optimization, strategy development for immature markets, and sustainable agriculture.

Astrid holds an Cum Laude MSc in Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management from Delft University of Technology.

Business Development Manager GoodFuels Marine

Isabel Welten

Isabel is working in the field of Business Development for the Marine segment, exploring business opportunities, connecting with key partners and pursuing her passion for sustainability by contributing to a low-carbon world.
Before she joined the GoodFuels team, Isabel worked for Procter & Gamble in logistics. She revised the trade terms for i.a. logistical discounts as her master thesis and worked on several categories in several country scopes.
Isabel holds an MSc degree in Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management at the Technical University of Delft.

Business Development Manager GoodFuels Road & Rail

Willem van Waes

Before joining the GoodFuels team in 2017 as Business Development Manager, Willem worked in various national and international companies building his extensive sales and business development knowledge. In his latest job at Ampelmann, a high-tech offshore access provider, he travelled very frequently to the UK, Denmark, Norway and West-Africa developing accounts and securing deals.
At GoodFuels, Willem will be active in the Road & Rail segment, focusing on key area’s which hold potential for future revenue.

Marketing Manager

Dianthe Robers

Dianthe is a seasoned marketing manager having worked for renowned advertising agencies such as Lowe and FHV/BDDO and brands such as McDonalds, Siebel Jewelry and Dutch Lotteries. With her pragmatic approach and sharp eye for detail she is working day by day to boost and guard the GoodFuels brand via all media channels.

Dianthe has a BSc in business administration of the Utrecht university of applied sciences.

Manager GoodFuels Tenderdesk

Anna Ida Hudig

As part of the tender desk, Anna Ida is responsible for exploring the tender market, coordinating tender processes and stimulating sustainable procurement. Furthermore, Anna Ida is studying a Bachelor of Laws and a Bsc Future Planet Studies (environmental sciences) at the University of Amsterdam and is active in the fields of sustainability and artificial intelligence.

Bart Hellings

Bart is powering our Innovation unit. Before joining GoodFuels he worked six years as a management consultant in the Strategy & Innovation team of Capgemini Consulting Netherlands. In this position he developed Capgemini Consulting’s business in the fields of Sustainability and Innovation and managed large transformation programmes at international corporate clients. He started his career in 2009 working on sustainable biofuels from tropical crops.

Bart holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and a MSc in Innovation Management from Eindhoven University of Technology.

Finance Manager

Scott Gale

Scott joined GoodFuels in 2017 as Finance Manager. His prior experience includes 17 years of financial expertise, working for major oil and gas companies in Calgary, Canada, such as Husky Energy and Parkland Fuels, as well as major Canadian banks. In his role at GoodFuels Scott is responsible for the day-to-day financial operations for the company and is looking forward to strengthening the financial base and enhancing financial developments going forward.

Manager Trading & Logistics

Lennart Zinsmeister

As part of the logistics & trading team, Lennart is responsible for setting up the supply chains for the renewable fuels in GoodFuels’ portfolio and managing its storage facility. Besides that, Lennart is responsible for the blend design of novel renewable fuel blends and the coordination of lab testing for the new products in the portfolio.
Lennart holds an MSc degree in Chemical Engineering from the Delft University of Technology.

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